On 12 and 13 August 2023 it took place in Wuhan, China, the Chinese Biketrial Championship, with international guests. Here is the report of the organizer of this important event, the Class 1 Rider Mr. Zhao Xuan. 

A total of 7 categories were set up for this competition there are 63 contestants! 60 from China, 2 from Thailand, 1 from Korea.
The final match it was on August 13, Group A is an elite group with a total of 8 participants, Group A is the highest level of the tournament.
This category will symbolize the Chinese climbing bike, a model of the highest technical level. Each participant is at the top level of domestic competition.
It is also the benchmark of Chinese climbing cyclists at this stage.

The morning is the preliminary round, and the top six advance to the finals in the afternoon, some riders haven't been in the sport very long, but they have access to the homecoming game. Understand the rules of the sport, familiar with the process of the game, it is a continuous accumulation and progress for future growth.

Looking forward to the next competition, come on China BikeTrial !