The World BikeTrial Championship 2024 it will be officially organized in Piazzatorre, Italy, the 17th and 18th August 2024. The event will be organized by Team Villongo ASD and BikeTrial Italia with the active participation of all Italian BikeTrial Clubs and Piazzatorre town.

Team Villongo ASD is Elia Orfino's team, the current Italian BikeTrial champion, who will challenge his great friend and antagonist Luca Tombini again this season. Elia lives in Zogno, a few kilometers from Piazzatorre, a very good place with pine forests and a alpine river, perfect for the best BikeTrial 100%'s natural sections. Get ready, the challenge is approaching! 

Elia Orfino BikeTrial Rider by Team Villongo

Elia Orfine: the official rider of Team Villongo  the WBC 2024 organizer

We look forward to seeing you in Piazzatorre, near Bergamo, this summer for a new exciting BikeTrial competition, 100% natural! It's will be a very, very hard BikeTrial competition !! 

Stay connected on this site, the official Agenda of the WBC 2024 arrives shortly.