Blind BikeTrial, Kameoka, 25 March 2012. Mr. Shushi Mishima, Group B

Blind BikeTrial it's a original Sport created by Mr. Hiroshi Hirano to give to the blind people the opportunity to really enjoy bicycle.

Blind BikeTrial it's organized in 2 disciplines: Group A and Group B.

Group A follow the same rules of the original Sport of BikeTrial.

Group B follow special rules.

Basically in both discipline it's the presence of the Minder. Minder must drive with suggestions the Rider in the section. Blind BikeTrial it's agonistic Sport.

First official international Blind BikeTrial competition was in Kameoka, Japan the 24 March 2012. The competition was organized in Kameoka Trial Land by Mr. Hiroshi Hirano. Competitors ride with bend on eyes to try the same handicap of blind people, competition was held on 3 section for 2 laps. Final ranking was the following:

Group A: 1 - Hiroshi Hirano (JAPAN), 2 - Walton Seah (SINGAPORE), 3 - Masuda Nagasama (JAPAN), 4 - Gualeni Giuliano (ITALY), 5 - Jason Dou (CHINA).

Gruppo B: 1 - Shushi Mishima (JAPAN).

Blind BikeTrial it's a official and original Sport promoted and protected by the BikeTrial International Union.

Blind BikeTrial, Kameoka, 25 March 2012. Mr. Hiroshi Hirano, brifing with competitors