The World BikeTrial Championship 2022 it will be in Spain, in Reinosa, Cantabria Region from the 10th to the 14th August 2022, here you can find all informations and download Agenda of the most important BikeTrial 2022's even. To take part in WBC 2022 contact your National Delegate or directly the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

BikeTrial's Champions list is available on BikeTrial Internaitonal Union website. The list of the BikeTrial Champions, since the first season 1992, will be updated and improved with silver and bronze medals in a short time. Now you can see the first version of this work. 

The first BikeTrial event of the new season will be the European BikeTrial Championship in Castellolì, Catalunya with Mr. Jordi Casablanca and all Catalan friends ready to prepare a very good event for you and your families. The season will

The European BikeTrial Championship 2022 it will be held in Germany, in Olbronn the 23th JULY 2022, here all informations about the event and hospitality. To take part in EBC 2022 contact your National Delegate or directly the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Do not miss EBC 2022 ! 

Click on menu's voice "Media" or "Video" to link the BikeTrial Youtube Channel. Here you can see BikeTrial competition's video report, BikeTrial memories and many more content about our original Sport ! 

BIU good podium 2019

Dear BikeTrial friends, BikeTrial International Union give me so many things, so many experiences and memories who will still forever with me. But one of the most beautifull things is to know you, know the Riders from all Countries of the World.

Here the official calendar of BikeTrial's events in Catalunya and Spain for the season 2022. The first event it will be held in Cerdanyola del Valles the 30th April 2022, organized by BUC and Zona Zero BikeTrial.

Dear Riders, BikeTrial season 2020 may suffer calendar changes because of the health emergency Covid-19. In these days many European Country they are processing intervention plans and important measures that could also affect BikeTrial international activities. 

The new BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020 will be valid and used for all BikeTrial international events since 1st January 2020. In this edition

The new version of the BikeTrial Rules 2022 is available here, download the file and prepare the new BikeTrial season 2022. 

The World BikeTrial Championship 2020 will be organized in Reinosa, Spain from 3rd to 9th August 2020

Organizer and BIU agree to change WBC 2020 (was provided 10-16 Augus) to have better condition and allow all Riders to take part in the most important BikeTrial event of the year. 

The new BikeTrial categories 2020 are, sure, one of the most important news for the next BikeTrial season 2020. 

BikeTrial International Calendar 2022

Dear BikeTrial friends, a new competitive season is coming, get ready for the new international events. The first international BikeTrial event it will be the European BikeTrial Championship 2022, in Ölbronn, Germany the 23 JULY 2022.

Sunday 23rd of February 2020, BikeTrial Union Catalunya (BUC) and BikeTrial Union Spain (BUE) organized the first race of the seasson at a magical place close to Barcelona, the "DSB TRIAL AREA" at La Pobla de Claramunt.

Dear BikeTrial friends, after long job with the new enthusiast group in Catalunya and Spain (very special thank to Mr. Jordi Casablanca and Mr. Raul Gutierrez for his work) we can talk about the new BikeTrial season 2020.

We receive the traditional greeting message fro the new year from Japan, from BIU President Hiroshi Hirano. 
May the photo of the first sun of 2022 be a good omen for everyone. 

EBC 2020 Presentation 1

Last Friday 24th of January 2020 was the official presentation of European BikeTrial Championship 2020 during the Sport Awards 2019 in the Theatre La Brillante at Castellolí.