Sunday 7 February 2021 was the first BikeTrial International Union web-meeting, with BIU Presidium and Organizers of the internationals BikeTrial events 2021. The goal of the meeting was a prior assessment about the different national situations on the possibility of international travels, in anticipation of BikeTrial season 2021.

We have found that all Nations are, more or less, in the same condition: Uncertainty. Hard to have time plans for this summer in this moment. However, we have also noted the desire of the organizers to be able to play the scheduled events.

It was decided as follows:

1) Provisional BikeTrial calendar 2021 remain the same.

2) Organizers wants to play European BikeTrial Championship in Italy and Catalunya and World BikeTrial Championships in Spain, but will be possible officialize the events not before 40 days in advance of the EBC rounds and 60 day before WBC.
This mean:
3 MAY 2021 for the first round of EBC 2021 provided in Castellolì, Catalunya the 12 and 13 JUNE 2021.
31 MAY 2021 for the second round of the EBC 2021 provided in Brumano, Italy, the 10 and 11 JULY 2021.
14 JUNE 2021 for the WBC 2021 provided in Reinosa, Spain in the middle of August 2021.
Untill this dates we recommend you to DO NOT buy tickets or Hotel reservations. BIU assumes no liability till to the dates set out above.

3) It is very likely that the organizer will have to adopt security protocols, such as limiting the people's presence in the race zone or or the collection of the names of those present. In this case the protocol will be published on the Official Agenda.

Sunday 21 Februray 2021 will be a new web-meeting open to all the BIU Members and collaborators. We hope to have a good participation in the new meeting, invitation will be sent to all during this week with email.

Train well, do BikeTrial safely ... but do it! We want to meet together this summer. 

Keep in touch,
BIU Presidium and Technical Group