A milestone among myths who made prehistory of BikeTrial we have to give it for a particular bike: Montesita. A new book, reserved to the history of this special bike, born before BikeTrial but part of the memory of all BikeTrial riders, is being published by Mr. Enric Gibert Castroverde. 

Usually we don't normally publish news outside BikeTrial activities but Montesita is a special case. Here a short preface to the book by the author of MONTESITAS, LAS BICICLETAS DE MONTESA

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For each one of the generations part of the history of the humanity, ours is always special, different, unique, unrepeatable. With the years and the logical distance that experience put, our childhood and adolescence are magnified in adulthood and we consider them as one of the best, if not the best stage of our lives. For bike trial fans born in the late sixties and early seventies, Montesa trial bicycles, the Montesitas, are the reference. Although they coexisted with other brands that manufactured the first bicycles for the practice of trial, and undoubtedly contributed to the development of this sport, Montesa bicycles were the consolidation of an sport developed in some Catalan towns such as Sant Feliu de Codines and Sabadell, among others. Those bicycles occupied most of our childhood and youth, forming part of the dreams of many children and adolescents for years.

It striking red color and its peculiar characteristics set them apart from the rest and made them unique. Enjoyed by many and desired by many others now, more than forty years after their appearance, the Montesitas have resurfaced from dusty attics, abandoned warehouses, junkyards and unlikely places where they had been abandoned by their owners, surely dazzled by something new and exciting as that bicycle had been. Currently they are coveted by collectors and the reason for heated debates about which component belongs to one evolution or another.

I don´t want to explain the history of Montesa again in this book. There are very good books on the market dedicated to this. Our history talks about trial bicycles and how and why a motorcycle brand decides one day to get in an unknown world to them as the bicycle was. Other brands such as Derbi already manufactured their own bicycles, the Rabasa, but the Montesitas were different, special, exclusive ... In the long history of the Esplugues de Llobregat brand, bicycles fit a very small and unknown part, but decisive for the development of trials in Spain. Many riders forged their talent on those bikes, later becoming great trial world champions, such as Jordi Tarrés on a motorcycle and Ot Pi on a bicycle. This sport couldn´t be understood without these bicycles that emerged from the restless mind of a pilot and employee of Montesa, Pere Pi, and Permanyer family, owner of Montesa, who made possible manufacture it.

The Montesitas, born in the late seventies, were bicycles as special as their motorized sisters and, as we will see throughout this book, they transcended beyond their own existence in Montesa. The book you are holding expects to be a tribute, as well as an exhaustive study, to Montesa bicycles, to paying tribute to many people who participated in their creation and development inside and outside the brand.

Enric Gibert Castroverde
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Language: SPANISH
Pages: 182
Pictures: more than 240
Size: A4 landscape
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