Good news from Japan whith the last edition of Kameoka Cup, the formula for BikeTrial competition created by Mr. Hiro ten years ago. Good to know the event still continue to have success, a good way to spread and share our Original Sport. Here the message from Mr. Hiroshi Hirano BIU President and organizer of the event. 

KAMEOKA CUP 58 is over!

I have organized KC 58 on March 21. The 13th season is begun for KC. It has been not easy to do events since COVID-19 spread all of the world.

I have modified system to make the event easier from this time until COVID problem over. The modification is make events easier for the organizer and for the participants.

Any way this testing event KC should be continue to find the best solution for any cases. Unfortnatery it was rainy day and not easy for young kids like 4 years old.

But all riders have tried their best and no one did retire.

Great challengers!

Please check the results in PDF.

I do not know how many KC can be organised in this year...

but I will try 5 event as planned.