After a long work of preparation for the new BikeTrial international season 2021 we must sadly communicate important changes to the planned timetable. 

Slightly different issues from the organizing cities but all of them accompanied by a single cause: Pandemic.
Today's rules do not allow local authorities to issue to the Organizers all needed conditions to have a normal European BikeTrial Championship and a good World BikeTrial Championship as provided.
Curfew, distancing, negativity test, spectator's ban, camping ban and many other conditions are not compatible with a family Sport as BikeTrial must to be. BikeTrial must to be in peace.

Many thanks to Mr. Claudio Tombini and the Town Hall of Brumano, Mr. Jordi Casablanca and Town Hall of Castellolì, Mr. Raul Gutierrez and Town hall of Reinosa for the effort and availability.
We will coming soon.

New possibility, to confirm

On request of Mr. Raul Gutierrez as Organizer, the City of Reinosa offered his availability to host the European BikeTrial Championship 2021 for the last weekend of July 2021.
So, it is understood that the competition will officialized only after the 19 JUNE 2021 the new BikeTrial International calendar 2021 become:

Official Communicate

- 12 and 13 June 2021 - Castellolì, Catalunya, European BikeTrial Championship 2021 - Round 1 = DELETED EVENT
- 10 and 11 July 2021 - Brumano, Italy, European BikeTrial Championship 2021 - Round 2 = DELETED EVENT
- August 2021 - Reinosa, Spain, World BikeTrial Championship 2021 = DELETED EVENT

New provisional BikeTrial calendar 2021 - To confirm

- 30, 31 JULY, 1 AUGUST 2021 OR 6 - 7 - 8 AUGUST 2021 - Reinosa, Spain, European BikeTrial Championship 2021 

Stay in contact with us, all official BikeTrial news will be published as soon as possible on this web site. 

Keep in touch and enjoy BikeTrial !