We receive the report of the first BikeTrial Chinese Championship, in Chongqing the 17th October 2021. Congratulations to the organizer, to all participants and collaborators. Read the report, we like to know this competition was a success, we wish to can have more event in future in this great Country. 
Thank to all participants ! 

On October 17, 2021, the BIU China Championship was successfully held in Chongqing, China. There were 5 groups and more than 60 trials participated in 18 sections. The youngest rider was 5 years old. It took 7 hours from the opening ceremony to the award.
Finally, Zhao Xuan won the championship of the Class 1. The race was held in the natural rock track. When the kid's group started, it rained, which was a great challenge to all the contestants. The natural rock, the moss on the rock, and the mud in the track, coupled with the rain, was the most challenging and professional section in China in recent years.
This is a game of progressive significance. China BikeTrial Championship has set up a kid's group for the first time, a group of 6-8 years old. In all sports, children are the best future and the hope for the sustainable development of sports. Once again, we would like to thank all the rides for their contribution to a very good competition, as well as all the staff and volunteers for their services for this competition. The Chongqing stop of China BikeTrial Championship has been successfully completed.
I'll see you at the next stop! 

China BikeTrial Championship 2021

Great BikeTrial event in Chongqing with very hard sections. Congratulations to all Riders. 

Zhao Xuan first Chinese BikeTrial Champion in Class 1 

Very good to see so many young BikeTrial's Riders !