BIU good podium 2019

Dear BikeTrial friends, BikeTrial International Union give me so many things, so many experiences and memories who will still forever with me. But one of the most beautifull things is to know you, know the Riders from all Countries of the World.

Know people from all over the world and find that joy is a patrimony that each of us has the right to preserve and defend. BikeTrial work to give you and to us a little piece of joy during the event. All together we have to work in this direction. Leave at home the stress, the excessive agonism, the bad thoughts and wait next BikeTrial event with enthusiasm only. Organizer, Observers and Jury work to give you only joy.
We are humans and sometime could happen a mistake; yes. But nobody work against you. All people involved in BikeTrial spent a lot of time to prepare a perfect event for you, in any case and in any competition. Do not forget it, please. 

We like happy people, we want preserve the happiness of all participant and Organizers. Organizer work for many months before the event, they spent a lot of energy and resource without help from nobody. We have the duty to give them maximum respect. Also when we think they are wrong. Because they work only for give us the possibility to enjoy BikeTrial. Also for this reason I invite you to read and understand the new Art. 27 of the BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020 Rev. 47, point at Podium paragraph

I wish to you and to all your dear a very positive and happy 2020. 
Enjoy BikeTrial ! 
Giuliano Gualeni
BIU Vice President