The first BikeTrial event of the new season will be the European BikeTrial Championship in Castellolì, Catalunya with Mr. Jordi Casablanca and all Catalan friends ready to prepare a very good event for you and your families. The season will

continue in Reinosa,

Spain, for a great edition of the World BikeTrial Championship perfectly prepared by one of the BikeTrial icons, Mr. Raul Gutierrez and his Team. Will be a great BikeTrial season, train hard to be ready for these amazing international competitions. 

The provided World BikeTrial Indoor Championship hypotized for the 4 April 2020 in Spain is officially deleted also as a result of the climate events that hit Cantabria Region in December.

European BikeTrial Championship 2020 in Castelloli, Catalunya the 13 (Saturday) and 14 (Sunday) June 2020, organized by Mr. Jordi Casablanca. 

World BikeTrial Championshiop 2020 in Reinosa, Spain, from 3rd to 9th August 2020, organized by Mr. Raul Gutierrez.

All informations about EBC and WBC 2020 will be pusblished on the AGENDA related to the event. 
Informations remain provisional utill the publication of the AGENDA. 

Let's go to prepare this amazing new BikeTrial season togheter !

Keep in touch,
Giuliano Gualeni