EBC 2020 Presentation 1

Last Friday 24th of January 2020 was the official presentation of European BikeTrial Championship 2020 during the Sport Awards 2019 in the Theatre La Brillante at Castellolí. 

The President of the Unio Catalana de BikeTrial, Mr. Jordi Casablanca, and all members of BUC, was there and explain to everybody the competition: sections, map and location of services, schedule, the history of BikeTrial and the magic place where we will be organized the event.
Castelloli is a little village, near to motorway, with 600 people living there and with a paradise of natural section near the town. Water, rocks, moss will be present and the public too! 
The Major of the town, Mr. Joan Serra and Castelloli town are very interested to promote our sport and if in 2019 they support a national competition, this year will be one step more with this International event. He hopes all the people will enjoy with our sport and with this amazing show.
We continue to work together for EBC 2020 and the Agenda will be available in the next weeks.
Organirer Tema wish all participant will enjoy the compentition. Welcome to the European BikeTrial Championship 2020 in Castellolì, Catalunya !

The presentation finishes with a video of the last national competition there and with a show of Julia Mallen & Jofre Ortuño. 

We wait all you here in Castelloli the 13 and 14 June 2020.

Many thanks,
Jordi Casablanca
BikeTrial Delegate Catalunya