The first round of the World BikeTrial Championship 2013 took place in Igualada the 19 and 20 July 2013.

BikeTrial Association Catalunya and OCI Sport created 18 Sections in the beautifull catalan town of Igualada. Section for B Group near a big Sport Center with big pool, good bar and all needed service and 10 sections for Group A in the center of the town.

132 total participants, 64 in Group B and 68 in Group A, from 15 Nations. Australia and Norway are the newcomers of this edition of World BikeTrial Championship 2013.
Organizer did a great job of promotion on press paper, collateral activity like pool party and presence of Autorithy Mr. Ivan Tibau,  General Secretary of Sport in Catalunya Region, Mr. Marc Castells i Berzosa, Mayor of Igualada and all other representant of the City, during Open and Award Ceremony, to confirm the good feeling between Igualada and BikeTrial Sport.

The great work of promotion by OCI Sport and BAC collect a very good number of spectator during the competition with speacker that explain to the people the time of the competition and Rider's actions. Also was pleasant the presence of Mr. Pedro Pì during the whole competition.  

Friday 19 July 2013: B Group.

The competition started very early to avoid to the most young Riders the strong catalan sun of July; so, at 8:30 am the first Poussin Rider was on Section. Good choice. The Section was realized in a BikeTrial camp with rocks, tree, natural ground and artificial concrete elements. 5 big tents to protect the Riders and Minders from the sun was a very good idea.
At 05:00 pm a new Event of Push BikeTrial and Formula 1 organized from Pedro Pì was a success of participation.

You can see the results of B Group on the link below.

Satuday 20 July 2013: A Group

The competition start at 02:00 pm and took place in the 10 section created in the town of Igualada. People could see the Riders of Elite, Senior and Junior directly in action on the central square of the City.

Jury members:
Giuliano Gualeni - BIU
Josep Abant - host country
Rafa De la Torre - Spain
Radim Kakac - Czech Republic
Lubos Janoska - Slovakia
Anna Hult - Sweden
Fumio Yamamoto - Japan.
Many thanks to all Jury members for their good and responsible work.

you can see the Official Results of the First Round on the link below:

WBC 2013 Igualada Official Results