The last international BIU competition of 2017 was the European Indoor BikeTrial Championship. The city of Brno, in the Moravian Region of Czech Republic, hosted the event. Brno is developing very well around the scientific and university pole. During this weekend we found lot of nice attractions and young people. Brno is definetly a city that is worth visiting!
The race itself took place in the BVV Exhibition Center. Every year BVV hosted the Sportlife that is the main event in Central Europe for sport, fitness and wellness. You can find exhibitions of every kind of discipline, conferences, sport business and... BikeTrial! Every year the last race of Czech Championship takes place during the Sportlife and this year the event has been "extended" to European riders.

The race where held in a classic artificial indoor environment. Technically the sections (6 x 2 laps) were rather easy, so it was a perfect occasion for riders at first experiences in an international competition and a very difficult race for the best riders. Every small mistake has been paid dearly, as always in these cases. The categories of group A + Minime competed on Saturday 11th. The riders of group B competed on Sunday 12th.

As for the results, on Saturday, in the Minime category, Adam Morewood (UK) got the first place with 0 penalties, Tomas Veprek (CZ) was second with 1 penalty, and Luca Giorgi (IT) was third with 8 penalties. The first two riders were really close all the race and finally the British rider won. Adam showed to all his incredible skills taking part also into Elite category sections!
In the Junior category Ondrey Krupcik (CZ) won with 18 penalties, Pavol Cibicek (SK) was second with 39 penalties and Michal Kuril (CZ) was third with 43 penalties. In this case Ondrej secured the race already in the first lap closed with just 7 penalties.
In the Senior category Luca Tombini (IT) won the race. Scott Wilson (UK) got the second place and Yorik Dammen (BE) was third. The 2017 has been a perfect year for Luca. He won also the national championship and the World Championhip. The next year he will ride in the Elite category. The race itself was really close among almost all riders. For example, the czech rider Michal Kubenka closed the first lap at 0 penalties, but two mistakes in the second lap relegated him in sixth position. No mistakes were admitted in this race.
In the Elite category Marco Bonalda (IT) was first. Martin Kakac (CZ) got the second place and Martin Stepanek (CZ) was third. Also in the main category the riders were really close and Marco made the difference in the second lap closed with just one penalty.
At the end of the race the organizer changed three sections and all the winners of each category did a nice contest. The public appreciated the show and the riders enjoyed the event without the pressure of the race.

On Sunday it was time for group B. In Poussin category Jiri Sehnal (CZ) won with 0 penalties. Frantisek Andrle (CZ) was second and Vaclav Kolar (CZ) was third (no kinship with the "other" Kolar :)). Jiri Senhal did a perfect race, showing himself really confident on artificial obstacles.
In Benjamin category Jacub Mudrak (SK) was first, Oliver Weightman (UK) was second and Tobias Danek (CZ) got the third place. Also in this category almost all riders fought for the victory and just one or two dabs made the difference.
In Femina category Albzeta Pecinkova (CZ) got the fist place with just 2 penalties, Eliska Hribkova (CZ) was second with 10 penalties and Iva Antlova (CZ) was third with 20.

FInally it was a nice race. Riders, families appreciated this event that close the season. The overall participation was 53 riders that is in line with other European Championships.

A great thank you goes to Kakac family, Radim and Martin, who organized the event. The voluntaries who help for results and secretary. Thank you also to the observers. Without all of them we wouldn't have any competition!
A final thank you goes to the riders and families who believe that "BIU style" is still valid.

In this 2017 we passed through many problems. The last minute cancellation of WBC in Bueu, brilliantly replaced in Pujalt. The cancellation of European Cup in Catalunya due to regional elections. However everything went for the best.
For 2018 we've already very interesting proposals...

Stay tuned!

PS: here the video of the event. Enjoy!