WBC 2017 TV

During WBC 2017 is planned a broadcast service, photographer, speaker and TV service.
Agreement with TV3 Televisiò de Catalunya ( http://www.ccma.cat/tv3 ), public broadcaster leader of audience, is done to broadcast live through its Sports channel Esport3, ( http://www.ccma.cat/esport3 ) the Elite finals of Friday the 18th

TV3 will send a mobile unit with several cameras and will record the Elite in various sections to make a summary, and then will travel to the town to make the "grand finale" that will record live and possibly be broadcast In streaming. All this will be broadcast on Sunday 20 by the sports channel ESPORT3 In more than an hour of program.

To allow a TV program WBC 2017 Jury decided to adapt the competition format for ELITE Category.

WBC 2017, Elite Category, last day, 18th August 2017

  • Elite riders come out last, all other categories come out sooner.
  • Make a normal first round of 10 sections, 7/8 natural and 2/3 artificial.
  • Change card and we know the provisional position of the round and the WBC.
  • Make the second round 7/8 natural areas.
  • When Elite arrive at the town they give card, take the time and wait for the riders of other categories to finish. They only need to make sections 8, 9, and 10 in which they compete in the "Grand Final" that will be broadcast on TV.
  • When the other riders have finished, we will know the position in the WBC
  • All the Elite one after another, make the section 8 in reverse order to its final classification.
  • All the Elite one after another, they make the zone 9 by the same order that the 8
  • All the Elite one behind the other, make the zone 10 by the same order that the 8 and 9.

This format will allows good TV service.

Jury will have the possibility to introduce small changing in this format. All rules about the competition and new format will be published on WBC 2017 Official Board before the start of the competition.

Best regards,
WBC 2017 Jury