libor 1Dear riders, minders and BikeTrial families,
BIU Presidium had to make a decision to cancel WBC 2017 in Bueu 3 weeks ago. Reason was that officially chosen organizer was not able to organize this event. We were working a lot of time during last year for nothing.
At this moment Giuliano Gualeni, Josep Abant and also Raul Gutierrez were starting searching for another solution to find a new organizer of 2017 WBC. It was very hard work because was to late to get somebody who can find all financial and other guarantees to arrange a top world BikeTrial event in summer. Giuliano, Josep and Raul have spending a lot of time and huge effort to make it possible. They were working a lot of hours per days and nights for you. They did not want to have a season without WBC. They finally found a new  and very good WBC 2017 organizer. It is miracle.

This situation happened because of attacking BIU from some people connected to UCI. They wanted to destroy BIU for many last years. Nobody of us understand why is it. Why somebody wants to destroy organization working just for young people.
Most of them have got their BikeTrial skills at BIU events and they got first results and titles in BikeTrial sections. Most of them have never organized a simple BikeTrial event they never actively did not help to BIU.

We all in BIU presidium are dedicated to BikeTrial. We all are working voluntary for BikeTrial. BIU is a family and amateur organization with enthusiastic people who have been working for you for free. We can persist this attack only with your active support. In case riders, minders, families will not actively support our sport we can lose our beautiful competitions again.

How can you actively support our sport?
We need you collect your teams and come to our events as a base how to value organizers work.
But we need more from you.

We need you help organizing your national events and make your national Union stronger. Promote BikeTrial in your countries, bring new beginners, your friends, to our events. There has to be at least 150 riders in each country taking part in national championships. And finally collect a big national team for WBC. We expect to have 15 and more riders from each one country this year in Catalonia. We expect 20 countries at least. That's up to you.

We need your respect and gratitude to all people (organisers, delegates, officials, observers, trainers, helpers) working for you and BikeTrial. Most of them are working voluntary and they try their best besides to job and their families.

We need to find a new BikeTrial organizers in all countries. You must actively encourage any people who are able to do it and help them. We want to spread our sport to more countries then it was last few years. We need to get more candidates for organizing WBC, EBC, EC 2018 - 2020.

We need to find a new sponsors and partners of BIU. If you have a company able to sponsor our attractive sport push them help your national teams to reduce your costs. Try also ask for some funds from your local or national government. They have interest to support sporting young people now.

We need your support in stoping people destroying BIU. We would like to encourage you to ride any cycling discipline with UCI. We have never imposed a ban on UCI events and we recommend to you make another sports activities and come also to BikeTrial. Nobody can prohibit you to take part in another sports. If they do it, defend your basic freedom strictly.

We need also a new candidates and helpers of BIU Presidium, Technical and Financial groups. If you have an interest to work for other BikeTrial people in an international position you are welcome. You can do it every single week per year spending a few hours weekly with endurance for a few coming years. Probably you know somebody who can work in international sport diplomacy. Encourage him\her and bring them to us.

BIU Presidium is here to back up and boost our organization. It works. We have all needed documents and accounts as any legal international sport organization. We are an official worldwide legal union. It is Presidium goal as well as support any your activity which is really needed for surviving our sport. Without you personal dedication to activities described above we can lose our sport forever.

We are going to have a nice WBC 2017.
We are looking forward to seeing your active progress in Catalonia. See all of you there!

Best regards,