BikeTrial Technical Rules 2019

Dear BikeTrial friends, the new BikeTrial Technical Rules 2019 are published and executive for the new BikeTrial's season 2019. 

BIU will publish a series of articles to show all details about the important news contained in the new TR. 

Here a short list of the more important modifications in BikeTrial rules 2019.

Art. 15 - Continental Cup: 

Continental Cup now is reserved to new Category BTH (old Major).
Major category grow in a new formulation with more possibility for all Riders since 16 years old. 

Art. 16 - Continental BikeTrial Championship:

Continental Championship now can host National events.
Also can host Continental Cup.


Was Elite Cup. 

- Become Indoor Championship reserved to new BT3, BT2, BT1 categories.
- Must provide Money Prize.
- Qualification allowed.
- Open to more category.
- More easy to be organized.
- New competition's formulation.
- 90 seconds sections only.


- New names for all categories.
- Young categories splitted by 2 years, not 3 years.
- NO new colors (also Orange deleted). New BT5 will be 50% on Green and 50% on Blue.
- All categories are open to all sexs. BTF is reserved to female.
- Femine, now named BTF, is from 12 (was 13).
- BTE (BikeTrial ELECTRIC) reserved to Eletric Bike with 250 Watt and torque sensor on white section. As BikeTrial Championship.
- GROUP C = CUP (not Champions). A whole new group dedicated to the BTH categories (old MAJOR).
- New 3 categories:
1) BTH3 (Hobby BikeTrial on white sections, from 40 years old).
2) BTH2 (Hobby BikeTrial on green sections, from 30 years old).
3) BTH3 (Hobby BikeTrial on Blue sections, from 16 years old).
- Event hosted during Continental Championship and World Championship.

Art. 38 - TIME

- The words "speed section" substitute by "short section" (60 seconds). 

90 second for section provided during Indoor Championship.

We will return with new contents to explain all details of the new BikeTrial rules. 

You can download BikeTrial Technical Rules at this link: 


Valid since 15th January 2019