We receive the traditional greeting message fro the new year from Japan, from BIU President Hiroshi Hirano. 
May the photo of the first sun of 2022 be a good omen for everyone. 

A Happy New Year 2022
How was 2011 for you?
I hope it was good and new one will be very nice for you.
I am going to send you the first sunrise of this year.
I left my hose with my Beta TR34 at 6:30 in this morning for for the beach in my city.
Unfortunately it was cloudy and I had slim chance to take the good photos.
So I have waited about 1 hour on the beach in the very cold wind till the sun appeared.

Then I took some.
I hope you will like it.
Sincerely yours,

The first 2022's sunrise from Japan

Beta TR 34 by Mr. Hiro