The European BikeTrial Championship 2022 was held in Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany the 22nd and 23rd July 2022, let's summarize this great event in this article, of course it will not be like having lived it, but I hope I can tell you a little. 

It was this a very special edition of the European BikeTrial Championship. Special because this year, in these days, BikeTrial International Union rise thirty years of activities, BikeTrial was born the 26th June 1992, and because it was the first time for the Organizer, JOFR Accademy by Jonas Friedrich to  receive such a demanding assignment; also was special for a external episode to which we will give the needed space, external to the EBC but which has partly conditioned its development. 

We, as BikeTrial International Union, we are all volunteers. We don't have professionals in our organization. For this reason, almost always, the time we can give to an event is limited. The needed time for a good report it's not a small thing, so usually event's report are very short. In this case I like to spent more time, it is not a wrong to the other organizers, but it was this a special event. Let's also see what happens before, without revealing too much (it will be a very good surprize about, very very soon on EBC 2022), how the race went and what this event was. 

The days before 

Nina, Larena, Amelie, Ralf, Jonas and all collaborators, they worked hard to prepare the race ground and all the good services we found. The competition took place inside the Trail Gelände RMSC Ölbronn, booked exclusively for us, for the whole duration of the event, by JOFR Accademy. The area is perfect for BikeTrial events but many works was necessary to make it ready for the BikeTrial's Riders. The Team worked for more than 2 months following a precise list of things to do and in the last days, when close to the race, was the preparation of the areas and section cleaning. 

Here a photo gallery of the day before the event, when was the last little things to finish on the areas 

Open Ceremony 

Friday 22nd July 2022 at 20:00 as provided let's start the Open Ceremony of the European BikeTrial Championship 2022. 13 Nations are coming here for the event. Free camping is full of Riders and parents. Ceremony start and listening to the national anthems has always been a great emotion. 


in the morning, the competition 

Saturday 23rd July 2022 at 8:30 a.m. the first rider start in the European BikeTrial Championship 2022. Observers are on sections, Jonas gives the latest recommendations to the team, all is ready for the competition and ... it is rain ... The race it will be more hard now, mud and sweat, as the old tradition of BikeTrial Sport it wants. Fortunately after a while the rain fades and the sections begins to dry. Under 10, 12, 14 and H1, 2 and 3 in the morning. At 14:30 the Under 16, Class 3, 2, Class F and Class 1. 10 sections, 2 laps for all. Sections was very long and slipery, appreciated by all participants and very well builded. Last rider arrived at 18:20. 

Photo gallery by Auswechselspieler here. 

 Results here. 

Award ceremony and party

Like all beautiful things also the European BikeTrial Championship 2022 it ended with a big party, the official Award Ceremony and after a big party with music and and good food for everyone. A well-organized event ended in the best way. 

Thank to Jonas and all Team for the effort. 

Here EBC 2022 award ceremony photo gallery 

Behind the scenes 

Enya, Samu & Jannick by Auswechselspieler followed the whole evolution of European BikeTrial Championship 2022, they will prepare an amazing documentary on this event, from the idea to the award ceremony and more. We can't wait to see this work ! 

Here a photo gallery about them in action. Really interesting, thank you guys. 

and what heppened with ... ?

BikeTrial International Union it is the only Sport organization deputed to organize the Original Sport named BikeTrial or Bike Trial. 
During the event another sport organization has put in place actions against our race. We will explain soon our point of view about, stay in contact. 

Keep in touch,
Giuliano Gualeni
BikeTrial Vice President