BikeTrial Membership

BIU Membership

from the BikeTrial International Union Statute:
"Membership of BikeTrial International Union (BIU) is open to National organizations, clubs, groups, company or private persons,  which have an interest in the development of sport of BikeTrial, Push BikeTrial, Blind BikeTrial and Nature Ride. There are two type of membership: for BikeTrial National Union and for BikeTrial Affiliated Members (clubs, groups, companies or private persons)".


What is it

BIU Membership is the procedure to renew or create a official partnership with the BikeTrial International Union.

BIU Membership is the only way to represent BIU in your Country and allow you to organize, spread and share, BikeTrial in your Nation.

As provided by BIU Statute BIU Membership is yearly. Every year must be renewed. Without renew the old Member lost automatically the right to be part of the BikeTrial International Union.


Who can become BIU Member

Membership is open to all National Sport Organizations, Clubs, Company or private persons who love BikeTrial and desire to represent BIU officially during the year.


Existing Members

Existing BIU Members must renew BIU Membership every year. If personal and fiscal data of the Member do not change, Membership will be renewed authomatically after the payment of yearly BIU membership fee (€ 300 for Members and € 100 for Affiliated Members).


New Member

If you like BikeTrial, if you want share this Sport in your Country, you have to become a BIU Member.

Exist 2 type of BIU Membership: BIU Members (A) and BIU Affiliated Members (B).

  • BIU Member (A)

For National Sport Organization

This is the most complete type of BIU Membership. It is addressed to the National Sport Organizations with a National BikeTrial Championship and long tradition in the World BikeTrial Championship.

This type of Members are usually named “BNU” (BikeTrial National Union) and have full BikeTrial power in his respective country.

BNU must send to BIU the datas of the representative people present in the National Organization with the BIU Membership Module (A). BNU Have the right to organize National BikeTrial Championship, issue BikeTrial licenses, organize BikeTrial Clubs and take part in BIU General Assembly with right of vote.

BIU Membership fee for BIU Member (A) is 300 € yearly.

Click here to Download BIU Member 2017 module (A)

  •  BIU Affiliated Member (B)

For lightweight organization, Clubs, Company or private persons.

This is the second type of BIU membership, the most easy, perfect for the entry level. It’s addressed to the lightweight organization, to the Nation without National Championship, to the Clubs, Company, private persons and to all people that want be involved in BikeTrial.

This Member are named “Affiliated Member”.

Affiliated Members must send to BIU the datas of the representative people present in the own Organization with the BIU Affiliated Membership Module (B). Affiliated Members have the right to organize National BikeTrial competitions, issue BikeTrial licenses, organize BikeTrial Clubs and take part in BIU General Assembly, without right of vote.

BIU Membership fee for BIU Affiliated Member (B) is 100 € yearly.

Click here to Download BIU Affiliated Member 2017 module (B)


How to pay yearly BIU Membership fee

Wire Transfer

Bank transfer. Contact us to know our bank coordinates, please.


Go on BIU web page ( and click on “Donation”, use your PayPal account or your Credit Card to pay to BIU your Membership fee. After, please, write us to show your payment and send Module A or B if needed (*).


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

 Can exist more BIU Members in the same Country?

Yes. Can exist more BIU Members in the same country; but with some rules about.

BIU Members in the Nation must respect hierarchical system (A have priority on B). So, in one Nation is possible have one, and only one, BIU Member (A) and more BIU Members (B). BIU Member (A) will be also Coordinator for all Affiliated Members (B).

Example: In Italy have 1 BIU Member (UISP) and 2 Affiliated Members (a company and one private person).


Who can issue BikeTrial Licenses?

BikeTrial License is a document than allow the Rider to take part in BikeTrial competition. Since 2016 BIU Members have the possibility to use the classic BIU format or the National Licenses also during International BikeTrial events.

All BIU Member must communicate to BIU his choice about BikeTrial licenses during the yearly Membership.

To can use National License the Member must send to BIU the image of each side (front and rear) of the yearly National Licenses. BIU will provide to transmit to all the organizers the book of recognized National License of the year.


There are membership time and deadlines?

BIU Membership is alwais open. BIU Membership expire anyway after 365 days.


What are differences between Membership A and B?

Member B don't have the right to vote during BIU General Assembly. Also other differences provided by BIU Statute.


How BIU use the collected money?

BikeTrial International Union does not receive funds or financing from Governments or other Organizations. The entire budget comes from own fundraising. The collected funds are used to cover all necessary expences inside the organization (trip expences, trophy, technical material and other). The financial statements and estimates are discussed and approved yearly during the BIU General Assembly.


Membership is tax deductible?

Yes, BIU issue invoice for each received fee.


Can I contact BIU about Membership?

Yes, you can contact us for any other requirement, we will provide to answer you as soon as possible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.