About Bike Trial International Union

BikeTrial International Union (BIU) it's a International Sport Federation founded and located in Prague since the 25th June 1992.

BIU is an independent legal and economic entity and is independent in the political, economic or administrative view.

BIU is a non-profit and non-political organization.

The legal identity is established in the decree of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, ref. 20-670/L-92 of June 25, 1992.

BIU is based in Czech Republic.  As a result, BIU is to follow the Czech Republic's law. The place for any litigation is Prague.

BikeTrial International Union official address is:

Praha, Korunní 2569/108, PSČ 101 00


What we do

BIU is the supreme world sports authority empowered to manage the BikeTrial (also named Bike Trial, or bike trial or biketrial), Push BikeTrial, Blind BikeTrial and Nature Ride Sport activities and represent this activity in front of other legal entities. In this respect, it acts as the supreme world body for settling disputes, which might arise from organization of such activity.

BIU is responsible for launching the entire system of championship competitions in all BIU's Sports, including launching and declaring official champions titles in all categories. As a result, it determines the technical and economic conditions for operation of organizations involved in the BIU competition system. The same applies to transmissions or audio or video recording related to all events included in the BIU championship system (competitions), including any related advertisement.

BIU objective is mainly to:

a)    Support all aspects and areas of the Bike Trial sports by assisting all proposals or initiatives contributing the development thereof. Ensure a uniformity of the Bike Trial efforts all over the world and protect material and moral interests of its members without racial, political or religious discrimination.
b)    Protect interests of the BIU members by supporting their cooperation and friendship among them and all organizations involved in Bike Trial.
c)    Support and establish procedures for the Bike Trial sports to the entire extent of the competition system, follow up on adherence to these rules, standards, and mainly application of these Rules all over the world via its members.
d)    Grant permits for organization of international sports events in the area of Bike Trial.  Check and verify if these sports events are in compliance with the Statutes, Sports Rules and other BIU resolutions. BIU usually grants these permits only to the Bike Trial National Unions (hereinafter as BTNU). BIU shall not assume any responsibility, whether civil or criminal, because the event organization and management fully depends on BTNU's, which assume the entire responsibility.

"BIKE TRIAL" Definition

Bike Trial applies to the sport branch, the essence of which is a competitive activity performed by the physical strength of the biker using the sports article - a special bike, along a marked track, when the biker is evaluated based on the minimum physical contact with terrain when passing the marked section of the track. The technical parameters of track and used articles are specified in the BIU “Sport Rules”.

BIU Members

BIU consists of:   

1) member Bike Trial National Unions (BTNU)
2) Associated Members
3) Honorary members.

Official Languages

The BIU official languages include English and the language of the country, where the federation is based (Czech). In case of a dispute concerning interpretation or difference between two official texts, English takes precedence.

Financial Resources

The main financial resources of BIU include:
a)    income from its activity based on decisions rendered by the BIU General Assembly or Presidium,
b)    subsidies from official or private sources,
c)    charges for inclusion in sports calendar, for licenses and other additional items determined by the General Assembly.


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