Are you interested to share BikeTrial in your Country? Are you looking for become part of the International BikeTrial family? BIU is currently constitute by 47 Members present in 27 Countries in all over the world. Join us and bring BikeTrial in your Country!

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BikeTrial International Union is the unique entity empowered to manage and organize the original sport named BikeTrial. 
BikeTrial International Union Membership 2019 task it's officially open. BIU Membership 2019 is the procedure to renew or create a official partnership with the BikeTrial International Union.
Membership task 2019 is open to all National Delegations, Clubs, Company or private persons who love our Sport and desire to represent BikeTrial officially during 2019 season.

As provided by BIU Statute BIU Membership is yearly.
Membership 2018 is ended the 31 December 2018.

For the existing BIU Members 2018 this year will be more simple: If your data don’t change you can simply send payment of the fee (€ 300 for Members and € 100 for Affiliated Members). This will be enough to confirm your Membership 2019.

What it means become BikeTrial Member ?

We can read from BIU Statute: "Membership of BikeTrial International Union (BIU) is open to National organizations, clubs, groups, company or private persons,  which have an interest in the development of sport of BikeTrial, Push BikeTrial, Blind BikeTrial and Nature Ride. There are two type of membership: for BikeTrial National Union and for BikeTrial Affiliated Members (clubs, groups, companies or private persons)".
In this time all National Delegates and Representatives are called to being BIU Members 2019.

Why become a BikeTrial Member ?

BIU Membership give you the right to represent in your Nation and/or your competence’s Area, the BikeTrial, the Push BikeTrial, the Blind BikeTrial and Nature Ride sports.
BIU membership Agreement will be the only one system to recognize the BIU represent in the world.
BIU License: all BIU Member have the possibility to issue BIU License inaccordance with the regulations.

Who can be BIU Member ?

Exist 2 type of BIU Membership:
A) BikeTrial National Unions.
B) Affiliated Member for lightweight organization.

BikeTrial National Union

The first membership form it’s the most complete and it’s addressed to all the consolidated entity with a National Championship and tradition in WBC and and to all those who want to become in the 2019 year. This members will be named “BNU” (BikeTrial National Union) and will have full power in his Nation.
BNU will must send to BIU the name of the first represent in the Nation and the dates of the National Sport Organization which is used to diffuse BikeTrial in the Nation (like UFOLEP in France, or UISP in Italy) and the name of all people involved in the National Organization with relative assignment. All BNU will pay 300 € to BIU for the 2019 agreement.

Click here to Download BIU Member 2019 Documents (Module 2019.A - Number 970)

Affiliated Member: Lightweight organization, Clubs, Company, private persons.

The second membership form it’s addressed to the lightweight organization, to the Nation without National Championship, to the Clubs, to the Company, to private persons and to all people that want be involved in BikeTrial. This Member will be named “Affiliated Member” and will be inserted in the “Book of Members”. Affiliated Member cannot organize National Championship. All Affiliated Member will pay 100 € to BIU for the 2016 agreement.

Click here to Download BIU Affiliated Member 2019 Documents (Module 2019.B - Number 971)

2019 BIU Membership