Luca Berizzi EBC 2019

Do you know this guy? Luca Berizzi is one of the example of how can be strong the "passion for BikeTrial". He is on work with many other person to create a perfect competition in Brumano, Italy, for the European BikeTrial Championship 2019 the 30 of June.

Passion for BikeTrial mean also attention for particulars and time to prepare BikeTrial sections in the best possible manner: We are sure, with this kind of people, EBC 2019 will be a very great event!

EBC 2019 section project

Here you can see the amazing section project done by Luca, with all Organizer Team, with Team Villongo and friends, to give you the perfect competition level in Brumano. Also T-shirt are absolutely good and ready to have a memory of this great event.

Do not miss the European BikeTrial Championship 2019, contact your National BikeTrial Delegate or write directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be part of this event! 

Thank you Luca for yuor effort!