EBC 2019 rocco is coming

Some news about next European BikeTrial Championship that will run the 30 of June 2019 in Italy, in Brumano. Here you can see the amazing video by Mr. Gianluca Orfino shot during the hard work done in the last weeks to prepare sections and all things needed for this competition. 


some to know about EBC 2019

  • Brumano is really a small town over the Orobian Alps, be carefull during the last part of the road especially with Auto-Caravan and Caravan, from Selino, Rota d'Imagna and Brumano. Road is very small but sure, local people know well the road conditions and will facilitate your passage. Drive sure with attention. Traffic could be hight. 
  • Bergamo province is a very hight population density area. Do not be affraid for traffic, know this and you will be safe to your destination. 
  • If you do not have GPS Navigator follow, from A4 higway, exit in Bergamo and follow, in this order: 
    • 0,00 Km - out from Highway follow brown sign to Valle Brembana - continue 4,0 Km on SS470
    • 4,00 km - Circonvallazione delle Valli, brown sign to Valle Bremana / Valle Imagna   -  continue 8,4 Km on SS470 through Villa D'Alme  
    • 12,40 Km - follow brown sign to Valle Imagna - contine 1 Km on SS470 
    • 13,40 Km - follow brown sign to Valle Imagna - contine 1,5 Km on SP14 through Brembo river bridge 
    • 15,00 Km - in Almenno San Salvatore follow SP14 for 7,4 Km till Ponte Giurino 
    • 22,50 Km - in Ponte Giurino follow blu sign to Sant' Omobono Terme for 4,10 km
    • 26,60 Km - in Selino take right to Rota d'Imagna / Brumano - SP 20 - follow SP20 till Rota d'Imagna - 3,70 Km
    • 30,30 Km - from Rota d'Imagna still on SP20 till Brumano for 3,90 Km
    • 34,20 Km - Brumano
  •  Call or write to Mr. Claudio Tombini for your parking reservation, please. Caravan and Auto-Caravan place are limited. Call to have a good place. Number you can find on AGENDA 

 In the end ... Rocco is coming in Brumano ! All is ready for the competiton.