30 years ago, the 2nd July 1992, in Prague, Czech Republic, born a new Sport named BikeTrial. BikeTrial it is a Original Sport inspired to Moto Trial, created by motorciclists, not connected with any cycling activities. In 30 years of activities we helped a lot of Riders to grow in skills, balance, good driving, safety and expecially self-control

BikeTrial International Union and only BikeTrial International Union can manage the Original Sport named BikeTrial, nobody others. No confusion please: We are BikeTrial ! We are NOT professionals, we are volunteers. We are not rich, we collect economical resources only from our own activities and sponsors. We work only to allow people to stay togheter and have sport, not to be the best sport organization in the world; only to do a sport inspired to moto trial named BikeTrial. Nothing more. 

Today, July 2022, after 30 years of activities, we are close to organize the European BikeTrial Championship in Olbronn-Durnn, Germany. It will be a great event, organized by a young man that taked part in many BikeTrial competitions, his name is Jonas Friedrich, he work very strong to allow people from Europe to stay in peace and have sport for 2 days. Yes, stay in peace and have sport, only. Nothing more. Free people from all over Europe that want stay togheter in peace. This is the goal for the BikeTrial International Union ... nothing more. In July 2022 we thing it is very important have peace. 

When Mr. Josef Dressler, the BIU founder, obtained approval of the BikeTrial International Union (BIU) statute from the Ministery of the Internal Affair in the Federative Republic of Cecoslovakia, probably he did not think that after thirty years Europe would have been in the condition in which it finds itself today: A war on the doors and people that arrogate for themselves the right to tell to other people what they can and what they can not do. How much work we can still do for the peace ! How many more things we can do for sport for everyone!

Yes, BikeTrial it is an amatour sport. It is not professional and we are proud of this. We are proud to be simple, a little bit broken, sometimes confused, sweaty and dirty, but full of energy and enthusiasm, with a great desire to stay together and have sport in peace. Nothing more ! 

We wait you in Olbronn-Durnn, Germany the 22nd and 23rd of July 2022 for the EBC and from 8 to 15 August in Reinosa Spain for the WBC 2022, we wait you in all BikeTrial events, events open to all people to stay together and enjoy BikeTrial. We wait you in a sport's day open to all ! 

Keep in touch,
Giuliano Gualeni
BIU Vice President