The European BikeTrial Championship 2022 it will be held in Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany the 22nd and 23rd July 2022, all detail of the event are available in the official Agenda. Who can take part in the EBC 2022? How you can register and take part in the race? Let's find out together.

Since 2004 BIU (BikeTrial International Union) organize the European BikeTrial Championship, a long history made by great events, great Champions and many moments of aggregation and fun. 

Today's European BikeTrial Champion in the best BikeTrial category, the Class 1, it is the Spanish Rider Mr. Julen Saenz De Ormijana, who gain this title during the last EBC's edition in Reinosa, Spain. Now the challenge for the conquest of the 2022 title reopens. 

The European BikeTrial Championship 2022 it will follow the BikeTrial Technical Rules 2022. Read BikeTrial TR 2022 with attention and prepare yourself to the challenge. 

Who can participate in the EBC? 

EBC 2022 is open to all. The only one requirement to can take part to the European BikeTrial Championship it is a BIU valid license. BIU License is issued by the BIU National Delegate or by the National Federation affiliated to BIU or, in some cases, directly by BIU. Contact us now to find out how to get your BIU license.

How do I register for the EBC?

Who issues you the BIU License will be able to give you all the information for the registration to the EBC. The Delegate will send your registration to BIU. If your License it will be issued by BIU you will be directly registered into the event. 

By when do I have to register with the EBC?

The EBC's Entry List closes on July 19th 2022, after that date it will be no longer possible accept registrations, contact us immediately to participate in the event.