Reinosa, Cantabria, Spain today 10th August 2022 was the first day of the World BikeTrial Championship 2022. Not a whole day of competitions, as usual, but a first part of this very great event called WBC 2022. 

Raul Gutierrez and the whole City of Reinosa give today his welcome to the BikeTrial Riders come here to compete in this special edition of the WBC. Special because we can return to stay together after 35 months (last edition was 2019), a long time signed by pandemic and many other bad event; special also because BikeTrial International Union celebrate his own 30th birthday. Reinosa is a very good location to celebrate our anniversary: Thank you Raul, thank Reinosa !

In the morning was section control by Jury, last works by the organizer and at 3 pm the first Rider take start on the section 8 for group B and section 10 for group A. Yes, today all Riders give to spectators a preview of the race riding 1 section in the central square of Reinosa. This section it will be valid like last section of the fist lap of second day of competition.

After the race's preview was a great Open Ceremony with Reinosa and Cantabria Region authorities. Thank to them to help and lean the event in this hard period. Together is possible organize this unforgetable time for Riders and spectators. Very good time! 

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